Who We Are

Located in North San Diego county, the North County Literacy Foundation (NCLF) was created to help families change the learning trajectory for children with: Dyslexia, ADHD, and APD (Auditory Processing Disorders).

What We Do

With therapies directed at the underlying process level, these children ARE catching up and even transitioning out of special education classes. These struggling students are becoming successful and independent lifelong learners. 


What it takes
A three-fold approach changes lives of these children.  Diagnosis, Educational Therapy and Psychological Therapy for children who have already experienced failure and families to adjust to new dynamics associated with success.


50% of students diagnosed with ADHD actually have issues with processing information through their auditory channel.  With therapies, these children are able to focus and attend to learning in the classroom.


98% of adults incarcerated are reported to have undiagnosed Dyslexia. States estimate the number of beds in prisons using 1st grade reading scores.


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